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There's a school of thought that deems wine from Beaujolais to be thin, insubstantial and - frankly - a bit unfashionable. Respectfully, we disagree.  

This disdain is - in part - due to the annual hoo-hah on the third Thursday in November (this madness peaked in the 1980s - 'Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!', screamed the posters) when the new vintage hit bars and restaurants and lucky customers had the opportunity to sample a glass of acidic raspberry jam. But writing off this lovely wine because of the annual pantomime is a big mistake. 

All Beaujolais is made from the fresh and fruity Gamay grape, but there are ten 'crus' (regions) in Beaujolais, all featuring their own distinctive terroirs, which affect the development and eventual flavour of the wine. Some Beaujolais is perfect for drinking young; some take bottle age absolutely beautifully, developing into charming, fruit-driven wines with surprising complexity and substance.

Of the ten, we offer our four favourites, all of which make absolutely stunning summer drinking. Just remember to chill them down nicely - then pour, sip, smile.