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Château de Minière

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Region: France - Loire Valley
Terroir: Bourgeuil

Continuing a long line of women proprietors, Kathleen Van den Berghe purchased the 18 hectare (45 acre) Château de Minière in 2010 and immediately started the process of converting to organic production. Lying in the midst of the Bourgeuil, the Château’s different parcels of vines are planted on a diverse range of soils from the gravel shores along the Loire River itself to the clay, limestone and mineral soils of the hills overlooking the valley.

Château de MinièreThe AOC Bourgeuil appelation allows for 15% of Cabernet Sauvignon in any blend, but for Château de Minière, Cabernet Franc is what it is all about, as they grow nothing else and are blessed with 14 hectares (35 acres) of vines of 50 years old or more.

The variety of terroirs available to the Château allow for a miscellanea of wine styles. Of particular interest are the Bulles de Minière Red and Rosé sparkling wines made by the Méthode Ancestrale in which the primary fermentation is halted by cooling, the juice retaining yeast and sugar. It is then bottled and crown capped. With the temperature rise, fermentation restarts and the resultant carbon dioxide remains trapped and dissolves into the wine creating a natural, gently sparkling, extremely attractive and fresh experience.