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Crisp & Refreshing Whites

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Picture it: the suns's shining, there's a whiff of Gauloise in the air and you're sitting outside a restaurant in the south of France, waiting for your plateau de fruits de mer to arrive. As your mouth waters, anticipating the first sweet crevette, chewy bulot or gulp of briny oyster, you sip from a glass of crisp, cold white wine and sigh softly... 

OK, we get it. We're all more likely to be in Morden, Maidenhead or Macclesfield than Marseille, but on a warm day (whether you're in the garden, on your balcony or sprawled on the sofa) you can capture the feeling with a nicely chilled bottle of one of our crisp and refreshing whites. 

These all make terrific, mouthwatering aperitifs and can take you right through your first course, especially if it's fish or seafood-based. If the bottle lasts that long, that is. Better call the Met Office and order two, just in case.