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Region: Portugal - Madeira
Terroir: São Martinho

D'Oliveiras, more properly Pereira D’Oliveira (Vinhos) Lda, was founded in 1850, but even then represented the amalgamation of other Madeira firms dating back to 1820.  Now, approaching their bicentenary, the company is run by Luis D'Oliveira and his brother Anibal who is the winemaker. The brothers represent the fifth generation of the family and are direct descendants of the founder João Pereira d’Oliveira.

D'Oliveiras CellarsThe company is still producing Madeira wines today, but because Madeira is matured (slowly!) in pipes and only bottled as required they also hold a unique library of old wines from their family's own São Martinho vineyards and from the vineyards that they acquired through marriages and various purchases through the 19th century.

Then in 2004 D’Oliveiras acquired Adegas do Torreão, a similarly storied firm that owned yet more incredible vintages still in barrel, thus adding more classics to the D'Oliveira library including a classic 1969 Sercial and one of the very few instances of Bastardo available - the 1927. More recently they have also acquired Barros i Souza in pursuit of their belief in preserving the local family ownership of these historic and unique wines.

The D'Oliveira library includes five extraordinary Verdelhos from the family’s own São Martinho vineyards from 1850, 1890, 1900, 1905 and 1912 and amazing Malmseys from 1875, 1895, 1900 and 1907. There are Buals from 1903, 1908 and 1922 and Sercials from 1862, 1875, 1910 and 1937. Then there are also examples of exceptionally rare Terrantez from 1880 and Moscatel from 1875 and 1900.

The holding of 1.5million litres of 'ancient and rare' vintage Madeiras in their three Funchal warehouses is a significant job in itself. However, current production continues at about 150,000 litres per annum with fruit sourced from more than 100 growers across the island as the climate and harvest vary from year to year and with as much care and attention as the D'Oliveiras have devoted to their production for the last two hundred years.