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Les Caves Jean Bourdy

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Region: France - Jura
Terroir: Château-Chalon

Jean-François Bourdy has been managing the historic Jura vineyards of Domaine Jean Bourdy since 1990.  The history of this house, however, is amongst the longest commercial histories in any sector in any country: the Bourdy family became involved (through marriage) only in 1896, but Jean-François represents the 15th generation of family ownership stretching back to 1475.

The domaine produces some of the most stunning vins jaunes available to purchase, including the world-famous Château-Chalon, along with a traditional Jura rouge and Chardonnay which have been compared to the very finest Burgundies. Bourdy wines are unique, complex and can support significant bottle age: the domaine retains bottles dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century, all in perfect condition and continuing to improve.

Domaine Jean Bourdy - the vineyards of Château Chalon

Every element of the Bourdy operation is steeped in history, but that history has brought the vineyard back to a modern future. Winemaking in Jura has always been rooted in an appreciation of its special and different geography. The new generation of the Bourdy family have an instinctive, engrained understanding of their terroir and they live and breathe 550 years of winemaking tradition. By continuing these traditions they have found themselves at the forefront of passionate, natural, hand-made winemaking: organic and, since 2006, biodynamic.





Domaine Jean Bourdy CavesThe Bourdy caves are situated in Arlay, a tiny village whose size belies its history.  The vineyards around the ruins of the castle are amongst the longest continually-worked vineyards in France and indeed the world. 50km (30 miles) South of Dole and a similar distance East of Chalon-sur-Saône, Arlay is quintessential Jura and the Bourdys are quintessential Arlay.

For more about the Jean Bourdy tradition check out the domain's website