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Domaine Liddell

Region: France - Burgundy
Terroir: Pommard, Chassagne-Montrachet

Domaine Liddell seems to represent the single-handed attempt to retake England's French territories.  Hugh Liddell's family have been farming the Cottonworth Estate in Hampshire since acquiring it in the 1880s (mostly for its fishing.) More recently, after studying and working in Burgundy, Hugh returned to Hampshire and convinced his family to fulfill a long-standing ambition to plant vines and a winery there in 2005.

Domaine Liddell - Cottonworth's Hugh LiddellWhile the development of English wine production has moved on apace, most recently in co-operation with Emma Rice at Hattingley Valley, but the opportunity to sell 93 acres of Cottonworth land to neighbouring wine producer Nyetimber allowed the Liddells to invest some of the proceeds from this sale in developing their own Hampshire operation while diversifying their portfolio by acquiring vineyards in Burgundy.  Hugh returned to Burgundy and forged a production partnership with Agnès Paquet, for whom he used to work and who has been making sensational Burgundies at her own winery in Meloisey outside Pommard.







Chassagne-Montrachet in all its beauty

Thus: Domaine Liddell - vineyards in Saint-Aubin and Chassagne-Montrachet owned and cultivated by English winemakers with wine production developed in partnership with a young, talented, naturalistic, non-interventionist winemaker.  What a combination!