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Domaine Tripoz

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Region: France - Burgundy
Terroir: Maçon

Céline and Laurent Tripoz cultivate 11 hectares (27 acres) of vineyards in and around the village of Loché, just 10 minutes South-West of Mâcon. Having been completely free of herbicides and chemicals since 2001 they have been certified organic and biodynamic since 2006.

Domaine Tripoz: the vineyards of LochéIn an attempt to encourage provenance and quality the Appellation authorities (INAO) has allowed 43 villages to add their names to the “one size fits all” appellation of Mâcon. This seems a bit excessive and we struggle to believe that ALL these villages have better terroir than generic Mâcon AOC. As with most wines in Burgundy, the vigneron is at least as important as the particular hill or lieu-dit where the grapes are grown.That said, Céline and Laurent have vineyards in two of these villages, Loché and Vinzelles.

Céline and Laurent Tripoz amongst the vines at Domaine TripozThey began the Domaine in 1986 when the wines were made by the local co-operative, but in 1990 they moved to their own facility and set about converting their vineyards and winery to biodynamic production. This they achieved and the domaine has been certified as organic by Agriculture Biologique and as biodynamic by Demeter since 2006.

Céline & Laurent Tripoz's vineyardsSince we started importing Céline and Laurent's wines almost 10 years ago they have reached an almost celebrity status locally and most of their wines are sold a season in advance.  As a result we now tend to hold stock of fewer of their cuvées than in previous years and we change the selection from year to year to make sure we have a reasonable representation of their now sought-after production.