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Ferme des Arnaud

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Region: France - Rhône
Terroir: Vaucluse

Yves Arnaud initially acquired the family's vineyard just outside Villedieu in the Vaucluse in 1945.  Having always farmed in a very natural way, he turned the vineyard over to organic production in 1978 since when their land, the lieu-dit Les Pigières, has not seen weedkillers or other chemicals of any sort.

In 1980 Pierre took over from his father and continued his dedication to develop the highest quality Muscat de Hambourg grapes possible with the idea that he would make these a national benchmark for grape and wine quality.

Martial and Samuel ArnaudMore recently Pierre's sons Samuel and Martial have joined the business which as a result continues as a dedicated, naturalistic, organic and rather joyous family enterprise.