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Fine Vintage Champagne for the Festive Season

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Most of the time, if there's something to celebrate, we're more than happy to pop the cork on a bottle of our completely delicious (and incredibly good value) non-vintage Henri Abelé Brut Traditionnel or Blanc de Blancs. 

Sometimes, though, one needs to raise the game, and this is where our three remarkable vintage champagnes from Henri Abelé come in. 

What's the scoop with vintage champagne? Is it worth it? Well, we think it is. Regular champagnes are nearly always blends, not necessarily of different grapes (although that does often happen), but of wines from different years. Champagne houses do this to maintain consistency: it's quite an art. 

Vintage champagnes aren't made every year but, when they are, the grapes used must all come from one year - a very, very good year - and this gives you the 'vintage'. Very little is made. It must also be matured for considerably longer than non-vintage champagnes (often for decades). This gives the wine a depth and complexity that regular NVs simply can't match.

The painstaking approach and long storage and scarcity means that, yes, it does cost more than a non-vintage wine, but the rewards are very great.

Our vintage champagnes from Henri Abelé are extremely lovely - two exceptional whites and a truly remarkable rosé. We do not hold large quantities of them. But if you're celebrating something really special, we feel it's the only way to go - and they also make the most fantastic gift for someone you love.