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'Have some Madeira, m'dear'

Long beloved of the British, for whom a slice of seedcake and a glass was deemed the perfect 'elevenses', Madeira is a fortified wine made in the Portuguese-owned Madeira Islands.

Apart from its deliciousness, Madeira's most striking feature is its ability to age for decades - sometimes centuries - without losing its quality, made possible by virtue of its vigorous acidity.

Its method of production is equally curious: when in the barrel, the wine is subjected to treatment that would make most vignerons cringe - repeated heating (artificial heat for lower quality wines, but the natural warmth of the sun for really special vintages) and oxidation, to very gently caramelise the sugar continued in the wine and imbue it with a host of complex and utterly delectable flavours.

We carry a small, but impressive, range of this most special of wines. To keep it at its best we warehouse it separately, so delivery can take a little longer than normal. It's well worth the wait, though.