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Call it Pinot Noir, Spätburgunder, Blauer Spätburgunder or Blauburgunder, this small, thin-skinned (and, it must be said, slightly temperamental) red grape is responsible for some of the purest, most glorious, scent-filled and fruit-forward wine you could dream of. 

Best known for making superlative Burgundy, and as an essential element of blended champagnes, Pinot Noir is now grown worldwide, where clever winemakers have fully embraced its charms. It's a grape which really reflects the terroir in which it is grown, with marked differences between wines produced from vines planted in chalky limestone, flint or loam soils. 

We have Pinots from France, Germany, Austria and Oregon in the United States (Pinot Noir is synonymous with Oregon's Willamette Valley). All are - of course - delicious and all are different, with French Pinots providing classic, rounded wines with silky tannins, while Germany and Austria display a very slightly more mineral edge. Our Oregon Pinot is a miraculous explosion of ripe fruit, held in check by soft tannins and perfectly judged acidity.

We also have a 100% Pinot Bourgogne rosé, which would make a truly delicious aperitif. 

May we suggest that it might be a good idea to order a bottle from each country and carry out your own evaluation?  Thought so.