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Portugal is an enormous wine producer - producing about 6million hectolitres of wine every year (that's about 650million cases!) of which about 20million cases find their way to the UK.  This significant export relationship is rooted in our histories as the modern development of vine-growing and wine-making in Portugal is inextricably linked with the development of the English export trade following the Methuen Treaty of 1703.

The Methuen Treaty regulated trade between England and Portugal in textiles and wines as part of the re-alignment of Portugal with the Grand Alliance led by England in the War of the Spanish Succession.  The political and economic results are still argued about amongst historians, but its catalytic effect on wine exports to England was obvious.  The results have included a diverse and extraordinary wine-growing culture that has produced unique wines including Port, Madeira, Malmsey and Moscatel.

There are some oddities unique to the Portuguese wine trade: "vinho verde" is not actually green, bur rather produced from slightly under-ripe grapes (in white, red and even rosé variants!) Barraida wines were only given a regional classification in 1979, although they had been producing wines since Roman times.  Some of Portugal's best wines are really rather good value compared to international comparators.

So we are delighted to import just a small selection of high quality Portuguese delights to continue the long and distinguished history of the Anglo-Portuguese wine trade.