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Stodge: don't get us wrong - we love it, but...

After a long and indulgent (and wonderful!) Festive Season, rich with dried fruit and animal fat, our palates are craving something a little fresher. We yearn for sharp, clean flavours, chilli heat, cumin warmth and citrus zing. We want broth, noodles and lightly-cooked green things, ginger, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime. We favour seafood and chicken, devoid of heavy sauce but delicately flavoured with soy, sesame and nam pla - a gastronomic antidote to the excesses of the holidays.

But we also want to drink wine.

It's no surprise that many Asian restaurants suggest cold beer or green tea to accompany their dishes - the assault of sweet, sour, hot and bitter flavours can be a recipe for disaster for wine.

Luckily, we have carried out considerable research (!) and can safely recommend the following as being incredibly lovely and eminently suitable to enjoy with Eastern cuisines. Namaste!