How can I contact you?

- Please e-mail us at help@winesensations.co.uk - we should get back to you within a couple of hours, rain or shine, day or night.
- Or you are very welcome to telephone us on 020 7060 5097. By dint of some clever telephony this number should find someone who will be delighted to talk to you (we're not joking) day or night!


How do I order?

Just browse our website, add a bottle or two (or twenty) to your basket and check out.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We don't have a minimum. Feel free to order a bottle, a case, multiple cases or anything in between.  We do offer a discount of 5% for orders of 6 bottles of the same item and 10% for orders of 12 bottles or more.  It seemed only fair.

Do you have a maximum order quantity?

No maximum either, but if you are thinking about ordering more than 5 cases of a particular wine, shoot us an e-mail or telephone us and we'll put a tailored quotation together for you.

What cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, bank debit cards and PayPal.

What do you think I should order?

If in doubt try one of our mixed cases, but as all of our wines are backed by our no-quibble money-back guarantee, if you don't happen to like any of our wines we will replace or refund them as you prefer.

You can also add all sorts of queries in to our surprisingly flexible 'search' box (at the top of every page on the website).  Type in your favourite grape variety, region of production, the style of wine you're after, or even a food pairing and it will bring back some suggestions.

Or, alternatively, pop us an e-mail or telephone us and we can chat!

What if I don't like your wines?
Forsooth!  Drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we'll either refund you right away, or try to find something that we hope that you might like better and send you that in replacement. Whichever you prefer.  We love our wines, but sometimes they don't hit the spot.  Tastes differ - we would like to understand yours well enough to make sure we send you wines that you will love. We sincerely only want you to enjoy the wines you buy from us. This seems the best way of ensuring that.
Where do you deliver to?
We only deliver to UK delivery addresses, but we can not deliver to PO Box or BFPO addresses (although we are working on that - call your Commanding Officer and add to the groundswell of consternation please!)
Sadly, although our childhood memories are full of shrimping down at Corbières etc, we can not deliver to the Channel Islands, but look on the bright side: you don't have to pay VAT unlike us benighted mainlanders.
We do deliver to the Highlands & Islands of Scotland (one of the many benefits of the Union - thanks for sticking with it) and to Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight (those ferries are too expensive, but we persist!) and the Scilly Isles, but we have to levy a £10.00 delivery surcharge for these areas and delivery generally take a day longer than less exotic UK addresses too.

What are your delivery options and costs?
We use ParcelForce's express48 service which generally delivers your parcel on the second working day following your order.  This is a tracked and signed-for service.  We will e-mail your parcel's tracking number to you when ParcelForce collect your parcel and it will then be trackable from about 6pm on the day that your parcel is collected.
Delivery is FREE for all deliveries of £50.00 or more to England, Wales and Central & Southern Scotland (Decent isn't it?) We charge £5.00 for deliveries to these areas valued at under £50.00.  We have to charge an additional delivery surcharge of £10.00 for delivery to addresses in the Highlands & Islands, Northern Island, the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Scilly Isles.
Can I have the delivery made to my work address, a friend or neighbour? Can I get the delivery left in the garden shed?
You are very welcome to leave us any delivery instruction that will make receipt of your order easier, but remember: this is wine!  So as well as our normal delivery security concerns, we will not leave your parcel anywhere that children might find it and so forth. If you leave us a delivery instruction that we feel we can not follow through with we will give you a call or send you an e-mail before despatching your parcel to see if we can work something out that suits.
What if I'm not in when you try to deliver?
ParcelForce are pretty good. They'll try to follow your instructions, or if there are none, then leave your parcel somewhere safe, but if not then they will tend to "card" you and you can call, text or e-mail them to re-arrange delivery for another day.
What if my wine gets stolen or damaged?
We'll replace it right away.  Just e-mail or telephone us.
Can I get my money back if I don't enjoy the wines?
If you don't like ANY of the wines we send you, or if it's corked or damaged, then we'll give you a full refund.  Just e-mail or telephone us and we'll sort it out the same day.  No limitations: leave it gathering dust in your cellar for a few years: our word is still good.  (NB Col Robertshaw: even our legendary equanimity and sang-froid stops short of refunding you for the wine that you actually bought from Waitrose before Christmas - we absolutely take your point etc, but there are limits and that is definitely beyond it. Sorry.)

If you have several bottles of the same wine that you would like to be refunded or replaced, please don't open them all as we will arrange for them to be collected from you!

How do I claim my voucher?
If you have fallen prey to our of our new customer vouchers (jolly sensible, many do thankfully - you're welcome!) simply enter your voucher code in the checkout process and it will cleverly deduct the relevant amount from your checkout price. Our vouchers tend to have a minimum spend (sorry - we need to eat....ummmm, and drink too!) so if you have a voucher code for £50.00 (yippee!) this will probably only be available in the checkout when you have added wine to whatever minimum value the voucher specifies.  In every other respect your order will be treated as if your voucher was cold hard cash.
Can I use more than one voucher at a time?
Although we follow your logic and this is admittedly a very clever idea, you can only use one voucher per order.  What's worse, most of our vouchers are limited to new customers (sorry, bankruptcy would stare us angrily in the face otherwise.) However, there are silver linings: we do give our customers very regular "thank yous" for their loyalty: including that much discussed free case of wine for every 10 cases our regulars consume. No, this is not just gossip: we really do.  We ring you up and say "Good News! Free Wine!" We like doing it. We have yet to find a customer who was not astonished and delighted by this. (OK Mrs Johnson, you were admittedly a little suspicious at first!) Sometimes we try to angle this towards an invite ourselves, but that's absolutely up to you. We do other stuff too, but if we told you now it wouldn't be a surprise - OK?
Do you sell gift vouchers?
Absolutely. We tend to call them "gift cards"just to distinguish them from discount vouchers. If you drift over to the "Gift Cards" section you can add them to your basket. They are available in £20, £50, £100 and £200 denominations. We will then e-mail you a link to a unique voucher which you can forward to your nearest and dearest (or to complete strangers if you prefer.)
If you would prefer us to send a real live old-fashioned paper version to your lucky recipient then please drop us an e-mail or telephone us and we can produce a real-life card and either send it directly to your recipient or to you so that you can hand it over to Uncle Oswald yourself.
One little understated feature of our gift vouchers: we add a little something ourselves if the voucher is destined for someone who is not yet a customer of ours! This makes you look even more fantastically generous than you would have done if you had parted with a roll of rustling fivers yourself (well, twenties these days sadly.)  So we top up your generosity by an additional 50%. Yep: those flying pigs really are delicious if you can catch them. No, seriously, we really do: we haven't gone raving mad - we think of these folk as deserving the same treatment as all our new customers and worthy of a little nudge in the direction of becoming a devoted, loyal and slightly tipsy Wine Sensations fan. So if you buy a gift card ("voucher") for, well let's say you've gone completely bonkers or are trying to make up for the worst sort of egregious behaviour and select a £100 gift card, this will only cost you £66.67!  To take advantage of this just apply the discount code "GIFTCARD MADNESS" (without the quotation marks!) during the last stage of the checkout process and this will apply the discount to any gift cards that you buy.  Good, eh?
What's the catch?
No catch! There are a few conditions: you can't use gift cards to buy gift cards. That would be silly.  Round and round we would all go, probably causing a space-time discontinuity that would in all likelihood interrupt the vendage in Languedoc - and we can't have that.  So, cold hard cash only for vouchers please.  Nor can you use any other discounts on gift card purchases, or send gift cards to yourself. Even if feeling like a pick-me-up (we recommend something fizzy for that.)  Nor, of course, can you send gift cards to little people under the age of 18. That would be bad.
Right.  Well that's probably eliminated the "F" section of the FAQ.  On to the R(arely)AQ...perhaps tomorrow.