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Amistat Catalunya Nord Rouge




Julien Ditté coaxes just 200 cases of extraordinary wine from 70 year old Grenache vines on a tiny plot that he and Olivier Cazenave acquired in 2010. Few plots of the Les Aspres terroir can be quite so well-suited to the production of Grenache.

Julien's winemaking exhibits the sort of dedication that is only possible on this micro scale, with rigorous, devoted vine management, no chemicals, very limited intervention and careful hand-harvesting. Lengthy fermentation and well-judged ageing in large (2000l) Slovenian oak casks is supervised lovingly. Low sulphur, no filtration and hand-bottling (with wax capsules applied by Julien's young daughter over the corks). This is a natural wine aficionado's dream.

All of which would be academic if the resultant wine was not overwhelmingly delicious: and it is. The spice-filled nose gives way to a full body, delivering a stunning depth of red and black fruits.

The result? The epitome of Catalan Grenache.  And just 200 cases.

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