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Domaine Vaquer Blanc de Blancs Tradition

Domaine Vaquer



This delicious 1985 Blanc de Blancs must have been made by Frédérique Vaquer's father-in-law Fernand at their vineyard at Tresserre just off the main road to Le Boulou, only 20km (12 miles) north of the Spanish border. That location explains everything about this Vin de Pays Catalan made with Macabeu grapes.

This intriguing wine is worthy of more than a passing glance. Despite, (or perhaps because of) its age, its rounded, full-bodied style delivers a toasty nutty flavour which pairs brilliantly with a plate of mixed hors d'oeuvres. Catalan sunshine would also undoubtedly be welcome too, but that may be harder to manage. This wine should serve as some liquid sunshine in the absence of a visit!

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