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The Boal or Boal Cuchado (sometimes anglicised to Bual) is one of the four main varieties of grape traditionally used in Madeira production in its 18th century golden age. Small parcels of these Boal vines survived the mid-19th century phylloxera epidemic and more were planted as part of the varietal renaissance of the 20th century as planters moved to reassert the older qualities of their original vines.

Whether Boal or Bual, the older vintages of this fine Madeira are on the sweeter end of the spectrum and the archetype of a traditional Madeira delight. We carry four of the finest examples:

  • 1968 - This outstanding Madeira delivers overtones of dried apricot and caramel which are offset by a clean dry finish. An outstanding wine which has unsurprisingly achieved awards every time the D'Oliveiras let it loose on the awards circuit, scoring an IWSC Gold in 2001 IWSC and an IWC Challenge Silver in 2007.
  • 1977 - The 1977 Boal has a heady caramel aroma, but follows through with barley sugar and toasted nut flavours with a nicely balanced finish that deservedly achieved an IWSC Silver in 2006.
  • 1978 - In contrast to its immediate forebear the 1978 has a relatively muted nose redolent of sweet honey, with hints of candied fruits and brazil nuts which leave you with a delicate, satisfying finish.
  • 1984 - With heady caramel and nut flavours this wonderful example provides a great first step in to sampling the delights of Boal.

All delicious, all different.

For really special, almost, well, historic moments, we also carry (limited!) stock of the unsurpassable 1903 and 1908 vintages.

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