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La Grange de Quatre Sous 'Bu N'Daw'

La Grange de Quatre Sous

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Hildegard Horat-Diop makes a unique wine from the Petite Arvine vines that she brought over to Assignan from her native Switzerland and which is very well suited to the clay and limestone soil that typifies her terroir at La Grange des Quatre Sous.  A rare example of an appropriate transplant assimilated well with its terroir.

The result is a fresh, clean wine with good acidity.  Quince, beeswax and hay aromas do not obscure the peachy fruit flavour and the honey fullness.

After hand-harvesting, the grapes are pressed and fermented in 500l barrels and aged for 10 months before transferring to stainless steel tanks for a further six months before bottling (in tiny quantities!).

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