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Birgit Braunstein Chardonnay 'Felsenstein'

Birgit Braunstein



'The spread of chardonnay to a country like Austria – home to such characterful local white grapes as grüner veltliner and riesling – was exactly the kind of development to get the ABC club most worked up. But while it’s true that it only really took off in the country in the late-20th century, chardonnay, sometimes known under its local alias morillon, and sometimes muddled up with pinot blanc, had been cultivated in Austria for many years before that. In any case, when you taste the quality of the chardonnay wines made by a producer such as Birgit Braunstein it’s hard to see what the problem would be. The chiselled, sinuous Felsenstein, which importers Wine Sensations rightly compare in style and quality to the great chardonnays of Burgundy, is just outstanding value.' - David Williams, The Guardian, 29th January 2017
'90 points. The Burgundian associations abound in this fine Chardonnay from the always-interesting Birgit Braunstein. Not just the grape and winemaking, or the near rhyme of Burgenland and Burgundy, or the fact the cuvée is named for a Burgundian village. The style, too, is very much in keeping with the best of the French region, precise, racy, brightly fruited with a smidgen of oak adding depth and subtle creaminess. The only difference might be the price: you'd be hard-pushed to find a white Burgundy this good at this price.' - The Wine Gang
Birgit Braunstein's Chardonnay Felsenstein is named after a small village in Burgundy and shows real Burgundian style; dry, minerally, structured, fine, elegant and vibrant with very subtle use of oak enhancing its greengage flavours.
For any occasion requiring a good Pouilly Fuissé, this Chardonnay would fit the bill admirably, sending Les Vignerons de Maconnais back to L’École du Vin in Dijon for extra tuition. 

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