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Caves Jean Bourdy Côtes du Jura Blanc

Domaine Jean Bourdy



Jean Bourdy's Côtes du Jura white has been made in the same way for centuries. Literally. It's now organic and biodynamic too. Aged for 3 - 4 years in old oak barrels before being bottled, this concentrated Chardonnay is redolent of its alpine terroir with herbs and rocks and wildflowers. You almost expect a chamois to appear at your shoulder.

Open this wine 3-4 hours before drinking and serve at a temperature of 15 -16C to enjoy it at its best. Côtes du Jura Blanc goes very well with fondues, fish in creamy sauce, light meats, Comté, Morbier and Mont D’Or cheeses - or virtually anything else you would have in the Alps.

The cavistes of Jean Bourdy tell us that their Chardonnay can be kept indefinitely. They clarify this by saying that they mean for more than 100 years, which they are confident about as they are keeping a number of examples in their cellars for considerably longer than that!

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