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Wine Sensations 'Everything's Coming Up Rosé' Mixed Six

Wine Sensations

£50.00 £68.70


There are those who think that one rosé will do pretty much as well as another. We beg to differ. In an attempt to bolster our bluster we have put together this little demonstration of the range of rosé. We have others too, but these four little gems show how very underrated rosé generally is, and just how darned different and decidedly delicious they can be.

1 x Mas de Gourgonnier Tradition Rosé
1 x Ferme des Arnaud Rosé 'Flagrant Delice'
1 x Domaine Piquemal Rosé Romain
1 x Vaquer L'Ephemere Rosé
1 x Birgit Braunstein Burgenland Rosé
1 x Amistat Catalunya Nord Gris.

Normally £68.70, but with our rosé-tinted spectacles on we've made that £50.00 delivered. (They are very thick spectacles...)

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