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Domaine Vaquer 'Exigence' Grenache Noir

Domaine Vaquer



Frédérique Vaquer produced this 100% Grenache cuvée 'Exigence' (literally 'demand' or maybe 'requirement') for the first time in 2000 and - as it is completely dependent on the availability of top quality Grenache grapes - only in some vintages subsequently.

We have stock of the 2010, 2012 and 2014 vintages.

  • The 2010 is a particularly fine example from a harvest that allowed the old vines to produce grapes that deliver sweetness and power with a balanced, elegant feel, delivering smoky black cherry and liquorice tones, with a spicy fruit structure.
  • The 2012 will probably overtake even its illustrious 2010 forebear, but currently exhibits very fresh black fruit and licorice tones, but also the wildness of the Aspres scrublands. As it ages we expect that it will become spicier, but should maintain its finesse.
  • The 2014 understandably exhibits some youthful power and zest which will tone down a little with age, but already shows signs of the same balanced power as the 2010.

If you prefer your Grenache to exhibit the wild fruitiness of youth then plump for the 2014, but otherwise we would recommend equally the 2010 and 2012 for immediate drinking.

Counterintuitively, Frédérique recommends NOT decanting L'Exigence in order to preserve its 'spontaneity' and suggests that it would make the perfect accompaniment for duck or roast rack of lamb.  Agreed.

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