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Caves Jean Bourdy Macvin du Jura

Domaine Jean Bourdy



In its native Jura, Macvin is regarded as a wine best chilled and served as an aperitif. Outside France, it serves as an unusual, remarkable and utterly delicious fortified dessert wine. On first sniff, the surprising note is that of a rather classy grappa: in the mouth, however, it's all rich, honeyed raisins.

Bourdy harvest a small portion of all their grapes later in the season, when their sugar content is at its highest, for inclusion in their Macvin. Grape must (pressed from Chardonnay, Savagnin, Pinot Noir, Trousseau and Poulsard varieties, no specific percentages can ever be given) is aged in oak barrels for twelve months without any prior fermentation. After this, Marc du Jura (brandy) is then added at a ratio of one litre for every two of must and this stunning vin doux naturel is aged for six years.

We remember the late, great Rose Grey (co-founder of the River Café) on television, making vin santo ice cream. The time has come, we feel, for the world to be introduced to Macvin ice cream. 


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