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Zwölberich Riesling Kabinett 'Genesis'

Weingut im Zwölberich



'93 points. Pristine, luminous, scintillating Riesling from Hartmut Heintz, with the variety's customary steel blade acidity swishing across the palate bringing with it a wave of deliciously pure lime and mandarin and a long utterly refreshing finish.' - The Wine Gang

Hartmut Heintz authorises only a very small quantity of Riesling to be bottled under the Genesis label, not only sharing the organic and biodynamic cultivation of the whole Zwölberich estate but providing the most direct experience of Hartmut's Nahe terroir.

Fresh and juicy, bright golden yellow, suffused with herbs and delectable citrussy notes, this is a Riesling that goes to all the places that other Rieslings just don't reach. The perfect aperitif and exceptionally good with a smoked salmon starter and anything Véronique. (We like Véronique and think it's time for a comeback.)

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