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Domaine Vaquer Rivesaltes 25 Ans Hors d'Age Ambré

Domaine Vaquer



Vaquer's Rivesaltes 25 Ans Hors d'Age vin doux naturel is made by the rare solera process. This involves fractional blending of vintages of varying ages over the course of many years, with the average age gradually increasing. This process became known as solera from the Spanish for 'ground', referring to the lowest of the set of barrels through which the wine is transferred - from top barrel to lower barrels, the oldest mixtures ending up in the barrel at the bottom, or 'on the ground'. Solera!

Vacquer's Solera is made from 35 year old Macabeu grapes together with younger Grenache Gris and Grenache Blanc grapes. This has produced an extraordinary wine with complex toffee and rich fruit, curry, pecan, liquorice and walnut flavours. All in one glass. These flavours are held together, however, by a strong but complex structure with bite and length - which also produces a mature cheese, fruit and walnut aftertaste.

If you have never tried a solera wine, Vaquer's would be a very good place to start.

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