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Wine Sensations 'Sensational' Mixed Twelve

Wine Sensations

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Our signature case: six whites, five reds, one rosé.
Three biodynamic, four organic, all very natural.

Provençal rosé and Burgundy red of course, but also an Austrian Pinot Blanc, an amazing dry white from the Jura, a German Pinot Noir, Roussillon Grenache, aged Malbec from Cahors - you get the idea. We've tried to pull together some delicious examples of what makes our wines excitingly different.

  1. A very special Jura white: Jean Bourdy's Jura Blanc Chardonnay 2010
  2. Delicious white: Gilles Chollet's Pouilly sur Loire 2013
  3. An IWC Gold-medal winning Muscadet: Domaine de la Vinçonnière 2013
  4. An organic Austrian Pinot Blanc: Birgit Braunstein Pinot Blanc 2015
  5. Our most sensational Roussillon Grenache find: Amistat Catalunya Nord Rouge 2013
  6. A delicious white from just around the corner: Vaquer's 'L'Exception' Blanc 2014
  7. A late-harvested 2011 biodynamic German Pinot Noir: Zwölberich Spätburgunder Spätlese trocken 2011
  8. Drinkable, light, biodynamic Burgundian red: Tripoz Mâcon Rouge 'Les Perrières' 2013
  9. Famed (red) son of the Vaucluse: Domaine Jean David Séguret Villages 2010
  10. An unusual, organic (and delicious) rosé from the Vaucluse made from Muscat and Cinsault grapes: Ferme des Arnaud Rosé Muscat Sec
  11. Elegantly aged Malbec from Cahors: Château les Hauts d'Aglan's "Cuvée A" 2005
  12. A lovely little Brouilly: Mas de Bagnols – Brouilly 'Les Roches' 2014

Normally £169.40 but, to reward your spirit of adventure, yours for £120.00.

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