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D'Oliveiras Sercial Reserva




The Sercial grape is the dryest of the four traditional Madeira grape varieties. This is delivered with style by the 1969 Sercial that D'Oliveiras acquired through their purchase of the vintage stock of Adegas do Torreao and with ever-increasing unctuousness through the 1937 and 1928 vintages, while more modern and yet totally delicious vintages are available from 1971, 1977 and 1981.

With a deliciously honeyed aroma and tones of sweet chocolate and rosewater this classically dry Sercial has a delicate, but balanced palate with soft citrus overtones.

If you are struck by the desire to answer the oenological conundrum - ("What did the Madeiras of 1862 and 1875 taste like?") then we can help you towards an answer based on direct experience.  No joke.

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