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Wine Sensations 'Sparkling' Mixed Six

Wine Sensations

£90.00 £109.70


There should be sparkly bits in every life. But precisely what sort of sparkly bits is open to question. This sparkly little case answers some of those questions by packaging two bottles of biodynamic 100% Chardonnay Crémant from Burgundy, together with a unique rosé Crémant made from Trousseau grapes in the Jura and a biodynamic Riesling Sekt from Germany. All very lovely and just a little bit different.

2 x Champagne Henri Abelé Blanc de Blancs NV

2 x Caves Jean Bourdy Crémant du Jura Rosé Trousseau NV

2 x Zwölberich Riesling Sekt Brut NV

Should be £109.70, but all yours for just £90.00 delivered!

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